Staying Fit with Falling Temperatures

Nov 30
Rockliffe Properties
Staying Fit with Falling Temperatures

Don't forget that while you're having fun in the snow, you're also burning calories!

Many people go into 'hibernation' mode once Winter hits, but it doesn't have to be that way! 

There are so many Winter activities that are fun and help you stay in shape, while your running shoes are packed away for the season. Rockliffe Properties has some fantastic suggestions to help you get motivated.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Grab those skiis and head towards the hills! Whether you're a beginner or experienced at down hill skiing or snowboarding, you can burn a whopping 430 calories per hour! When you're navigating those downhill slopes at a quick speed, you're using your core and lower back & leg muscles to the max. There are several ski hills in the GTA, bring the whole family for a fun day on the slopes. 


Did you know this is actually one of the most labour intensive non-sport Winter activities you can do? While you get that 15-20 seconds of fun gliding down a hill, you'll also be spending a couple minutes trudging back up, while padded with your Winterwear and carrying your sled. This is mega-action for your leg muscles, especially your calves. Who knew you could burn approx. 470 calories an hour? It certainly makes up for the hot chocolate you'll need to warm up after! Here's a quick list of the designated 'safe' toboggan hills in Oakville.

Ice Skating and Ice Hockey

Whether you're inside at one of our community centres, or using a homemade rink, ice skating is a fantastic workout that can also be fun for the family or a romantic date! When you're skating, you're using those core muscles to balance and thigh muscles to propel you forward. At close to 500 calories burned per hour, this is a fun way to get a workout in, without it feeling like work. The City of Oakville maintains several outdoor ice rinks during the Winter, but also has public skate times in the community rinks. 


Curling and Cross-Country

If you're looking for something a little different, why not try curling? It's a team sport, played indoors all year round, but is especially popular in the Winter. Check out the Oakville Curling Club if you're interested in joining a team and picking up a new sport hobby! With the sweeping motions and the precise pushing of the rock, you're working upper body muscles, specifically the shoulders and mid-back. Being a more leisurely pace for a sport, you're burning around 270 calories per hour. 

If you aren't into team sports, then give cross-country skiing a go. If you're new to it, keep to level trails to get your muscles in shape before you tackle more complex courses. This is an all-body workout, from your biceps & triceps, to thigh and calves - don't forget the core muscles too! At 570 calories burned per hour, it's a great option for a fast but effective workout.


Tips for staying safe while outside in the Winter:

  • Watch your lungs: Our lungs weren't designed to intake really cold air for lengthy amounts of time. If you're doing a strenuous activity, limit your time outside. For those with asthma or other lung ailments, watch for warning signs and keep to lighter activities.
  • Bundle up: Frostbite and hypothermia are the main concerns when spending lots of time outside. Check the weather before you leave and if it's -20 F (-28.8 C) or colder, plan your activity for another day. If you do go out, cover any exposed skin and be sure to wear a proper hat. 
  • Be aware of ice: Black ice can be tricky to see, and ice in general can be dangerous. Make sure you are aware of any icy patches (unless you're on skates!) or icicles hanging overhead.