Make Your Apartment a Smart Home

Sep 22
Rockliffe Properties
Make Your Apartment a Smart Home

Smart homes are on the rise. And the best part is, you don't have to own a house to have one!

Transforming your apartment into a smart home is easier than you think. If you are interested in integrating some automation into your apartment, Rockliffe Properties has a few suggestions.

The first thing to remember is you won't be able to make any major changes to your apartment. The smoke alarms, locks, and appliances will need to remain unchanged. However, there are still many gadgets that renters can purchase to make their apartment feel - and act, like a smart home.

Portability is key- purchase only the gadgets you can easily take with you when you move. The Google Home Smart Speaker, Apple HomePod, and the Amazon Echo are three of the top voice activated devices that make playing music, organizing your schedule, and obtaining real-time information, effortless.

Your home voice activated device can work with other smart gadgets as well. Use a smart switch outlet when you want to control power to a small appliance, fan, or lamp. Simply plug in the outlet and you can remotely control power to anything plugged into it. You can also save money by using a smart outlet to find energy hogs and eliminate excess consumption throughout your apartment.

Control your lighting with Philips Hue. Colour, all white, or combination starter kits consist of a bridge (the hub that lets you control all the lights) and three lightbulbs. Once you plug the bridge into a power source and a Wi-Fi connection, you can control up to 50 lightbulbs with the downloadable app. Change the brightness and colour of your rooms, set lighting schedules, and even turn the lights on when you aren't at home!

Invest in Nest! While you won't be able to change out your thermostat for the well-known Nest one, the company does have a great indoor camera that would be great for renters who want to keep watch on the apartment while they're gone (ie: to keep an eye on kids & pets, or for security while on vacation, etc.).

Wish cleaning your apartment could be automated? It can! iRobot has a line of robotic vacuums and mops available at Canadian Tire. Use these devices to routinely clean your apartment, saving you time and effort! Additionally, downloading the iRobot Home app will let you control your cleaning device from anywhere at any time!

Have peace of mind with the Belkin WeMo switch. This smart outlet plug allows you to control turning your plugged in items on & off, without being at home! Forgot to turn off the curling iron? Switch it off remotely. 

When you use all or some of these smart gadgets, our suites can be transformed into your own personal smart apartment. Contact us to schedule a viewing today!