Christmas Tree Alternatives for Your Apartment

Dec 18
Rockliffe Properties
Christmas Tree Alternatives for Your Apartment

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree! How will I fit you in my Suite?

When space is limited, it's time to get creative!

Rockliffe Properties doesn't want you to give up on this holiday tradition because you are tight on space! Instead, we have some modern alternatives that will make the perfect festive focal point for your apartment.

When you love the look of a Christmas tree and can't imagine your apartment decorated with out one, a half Christmas tree might be the answer. These artificial trees look full, except that they are completely flat on one side, so it will sit right up against a wall. You get a full looking tree using only half the space!

Take a cue from Charlie Brown and opt for a sapling! A potted sapling tree can be a great addition to your holiday décor. Just as Linus wrapped his blanket around that little sapling, you can cover the pot with a festive blanket and decorate the tree with miniature ornaments and lights. Care for the young tree throughout the winter and then donate the tree to your neighbour's yard or a park.

Evergreens can bring in the scent of Christmas without the bulk of a full tree. Visit your local greenhouse and pick out a few branches, some garland, or even a wreath and hang them throughout your apartment. You can add lights, ornaments, and bows making your apartment look and smell festive. Your local garden center will also have festive urns, complete with natural elements, which can be a great stand in for a Christmas tree.

When all hope seems lost, don't give up! Create your own tree right on your wall with Washi tape! Washi tape is a stationary tape from Japan that peels off walls with ease. Head to your local craft store and buy any pattern Washi tape that you like, then create your tree using shapes, horizontal lines, or try one of these suggestions. For a bright alternative use 3M hooks to string lights in the shape of a tree and add ornaments with ease!

Get creative and embrace the season and its traditions!

Happy Holidays from Rockliffe Properties.